Road transport

• Full Truck Load transport – FTL
• Less Than Truck Load transport – LTL
• Groupage transport
• Domestic distribution in 48 hours

We offer national and international FTL (Full Truck Load) with a load of up to 24 tons or LTL (Less Than Truck Load) freight services. We also provide international groupage freight services to support those who need their goods in small or large quantities to reach their destination in due time and in optimal conditions.

The goods can be transported together with other goods of the same category in this groupage transport mode, and we offer more flexibility for all customers.

Storage is offered in countless areas in Europe and Romania due to the networks of partners we have, and the national distribution can be made to any city in Romania within 48 hours from Arad.

Maritime transport

• Full Container Load – FCL
• Less-than Container Load – LCL

An excellent alternative to air transport. To help you improve your supply chain, we have developed this type of transport service.

Our partnerships with shipping lines allow us to offer the best solutions for our customers, ensuring that the goods are managed efficiently in terms of costs.

International transport is becoming more and more complex, and we are here to work with you, whether it is FCL – Full Container Load or LCL – Less-than Container Load deliveries, including managing your documentation at competitive rates.

Air transport

• On Board Courier – OBC
• Air Charter
• Next Flight Out – NFO

In addition to national and international road freight services, we provide our customers with international air freight services. Similar to parcel delivery, these services are ideal for those who want to send goods abroad, urgently, to distant countries.

The goods can be effectively transported by a person who flies to the destination with the package (On Board Courier – OBC), or we can organize an Air Charter dedicated in this regard. We also address those who have various emergencies, and we offer the NFO – Next Flight Out service.